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Every story is different. Every client is different. But at LAWYER UP ILLINOIS, we work hard to ensure that our work is excellent and consistent, so our promise to you is to keep your bottom line as much of a priority as your case outcome.

Every initial consultation is free - our owner and principal attorney, Charles Drennen, will speak with you one on one on the phone or will invite you into our office before we ever charge you a cent. We don't charge for consultations - CONSULTATIONS ARE ALWAYS FREE! We'll earn your trust and respect before we ever earn your business because the whole purpose of hiring an attorney is for you to relax, let go, and let an experienced professional handle your case for you. 

You get to help decide if you pay us by flat fee, hourly, or on a Flex Fee schedule. Our firm has radically changed the way attorneys and clients work together because of our signature Flex Fee program, designed to allow our clients to pay according to their pay schedule. We accept payments via credit/debit cards, money order. and cash. 

Do you have court this morning? Call or text us NOW at 312-877-5233 and be at our office by 8:15 SHARP and we can still help you. 

Did you already have court? If it hasn't been more than 30 days, we can still help. It's never too late - and we'll be on your side, every step of the way. 

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