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Areas of Practice


Tenants' Rights

Lawyer Up Illinois attorneys have extensive experience representing tenants. We’ve collected thousands of dollars in damages for tenants in security deposit suits. We’ve also represented thousands of tenants in eviction cases, successfully holding landlords accountable for violating their tenant’s rights and, in many cases, getting eviction records sealed.

Whatever your landlord tenant issue is, we want to help. Get in touch with our Tenants Rights Team today for a free consultation.



Family Law

Whether you’re considering a divorce or need help with child support, our attorneys are here
to help.

The State of Illinois moves far too slowly when it comes to making sure child support comes on time and in full. We’re committed to pushing the State to issue your children’s check promptly.

For many parents, child support obligations need to be lowered due to a loss of job or change income. Our Family Law Legal Team can work
to get you a child support modification so your payments can be lowered to match your current income.

As with all our services, we offer free consultations, discounted rates and flexible payment arrangements for divorce, child
support, adoption and other family law services. Call or email today for a free consultation.



A criminal record can prevent you from job and housing opportunities, or stop you in pursuing an education or securing a business or home loan. Many criminal records can be expunged and sealed, though, allowing you to face your future with a clean slate and fresh start.

We offer a free expungement consultation, so there’s no fee for finding out if you’re eligible to have your criminal record expunged and removed from public records.



Small Business Services

It’s not enough to have a great business idea, you need skilled help navigating the Secretary of State to get your business up and running. Lawyer Up, Illinois offers start-up companies our services to create the foundational documents for your small business. Our Small Business Services Team can help prepare your business’s bylaws, articles of incorporation, and other foundational documents.

We also have extensive experience litigating on behalf of small business in a variety of settings – fee disputes, bankruptcies, evictions, and more.

If you’re a small business you should have capable legal advice at the ready. Our lawyers are here to help. All consultations are free, and we offer competitive pricing and flexible fee arrangements. Contact our Small Business Services Team for a free consultation about your business needs.



      Mounting debt wearing you down? Filing bankruptcy can get creditors off your back, get
you on a payment plan, start you on a path to rehabilitating your credit and your financial health.

Lawyer Up Illinois attorneys have extensive experience with bankruptcy. We’ve represented both small and large businesses in complex bankruptcy cases, and we’ve represented working people struggling with debt.

With discounted rates, flexible fee arrangements, and payment plans to suit your financial needs, there’s no need to wait for your free Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy consultation.